Ujian ATC Part 2

Berjumpa lagi di entry seterusnya. Part 2 ATC intake. Congrats to those who have passed the first exam. "RM0.00:SPA: Anda dijemput utk menghadiri temu duga Pegawai Kawalan Traffik Udara Gred A41" In this interview, it has 3 sessions; 1. Color blind test, 2. Reading and understanding a text given and 3. Group discussion. For the 2nd and 3rd session, the entire participant will be assessed by the DCA officers. 

The participant is divided into a small group. For my group, the interviewer is the current Air Traffic Controller at the KLIA. These officers are an excellent listener; commands a good English, very firm and they are hard to be tickle. ;) 

Not much to say in the color blind test. Failed the test, you will be called for the second test. Failed the second test, participant are requested to leave the area. In the second session, participant is required to read the text between ATC and pilot. The text given is highlighted in different color. One needs to read the lines clearly with good clarity and good English pronunciations. Please read the next line clearly, Pilot: “Mayday, mayday, mayday. Foxtrox Kennedy Seven Eight Two Request Emergency Landing Due Bird Strike”. ATC: “Kuala Sentral Tower, Please Route Foxtrox Kennedy Seven Eight Two To Subang Airport” ini dialog aku reka. ;). 

Move to the next session, participant is given 2-5 minutes to understand the given paragraph. Read it carefully and understand the passage. Question will be given verbally and the panel would like us to answer it by reading the passage back. Don’t try to elaborate/give opinion for an answer. 

On the third session, in the group of 4 to 5 participant, we have to select our own discussion topic.  Topics available during my session; 1. What is the differences between normal commercial airlines and Low-Cost commercial airlines? 2. What is the method to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Nie jer yg aku ingat. On this session, the interviewer request our group to select a group leader and why. We are given 10 minutes, pen marker and kertas paper size A1 to jot down our group discussion. Buat macam peta minda. Then we have to present what we have written in that piece of paper. We have to clearly elaborate the points and facts throughout our presentation. After we have presented our own points, the panel will require us to interact with our group member. As I said previously, these ATCO is an excellent listener; they easily detect our mistake during our presentation. They will confront us back based on what we have said. At this moment, please be composed and think of a good solution instead of against the wrong facts you gave. Memang pressure kerana if 1 group member kantoi, yang lain TAK boleh tengok jer. Try to defend this group member. Baru dapat tunjuk kiter nie team player. Kalau tengok jer member kena hentam, parah.

Apa yang dikata hendaklah berfakta, bukan merapu. Sekiranya salah cakap, please re-phase and correct your answer. But, the key thing is, you have to b very compose in delivering your thoughts and opinions.  Active and show your charisma. Sebenarnya, mase pilih tajuk, make sure you choose the best title yg byk isi. Jangan merapu. haha.. cakap mcm aku bagus jer. ;p

Ujian ATC Part 1

As’salam. It’s been awhile since I last update this blog. This entry comes to you in three parts. I would like to share my experience on the entry of Air Traffic Controller Officer Officer (A41). How do I apply this position? –SPA Malaysia. The exams took place in Dec 2013 after my last update in the SPA website back in year 2009. Cool huh? ;p

The exams have 4 sections which are Pengetahuan Am, Mathematic, English comprehension and Aptitude test. Pengetahuan Am nie sangat menarik. Melihat kepada soalan-soalan yang diberikan, rasa nak flip the table jer. Example question,  1. Apakah jenis enjin yang digunakan oleh Pesawat Boeing, 2. Apakah jenis minyak yang digunakan oleh kebanyakan commercial airlines? 3. Apakah jarak selamat diantara satu kapal terbang dengan yang lain? 4. Sekiranya kapal terbang tidak dapat mendarat di Sibu, apakah terminal landasan yang terdekat untuk mendarat? I’m not from the aviation industry, so I don’t have any idea on the answers. Solution? Keluarkan senjata terbaek yang anda ada, dan tembak selepas membaca Bismillah. hahaha 

The mathematical questions are very tough. Please master your mathematics skill since the question is tricky and the time is very limited. Don’t waste your time if you are stuck in a question. Move to the next question. Saya kantoi dalam 3-5 soklan, so I start answering the paper from behind. ;p. No calculator is allowed, by right, x sempat pon nak tekan calculator tue.

English comprehension paper, one is required to fully understand the passage given. The passage might have double meaning but the question is very direct. Please re-read the passage carefully in order to understand the passage. The passage also contains slightly high vocab. For an example, what is the holistic point of view from the Prime Minister speech? Is it illogical for you to understand the passage?

Last paper is the aptitude test. Aptitude test is main criteria in this ATC examination. Aptitude is basically to measure your ability to handle certain environment. You must be very compose to answer this paper.  For an example, your neighbor’s house caught a fire, what is your first action taken? At the car park, you accidentally hit a car while entering the parking lot, what is your next action?

That’s all for the first exam. Harap semua yang mengambil exam nie menerima keputusan dengan hati yang terbuka. Tuhan dah susun rezeki setiap umat-Nya. Work Hard, Play Hard, Study Smart. All the best to all. ;)

Aku Terima Nikah

Name: Nur Fadly Aida Bt Ahmad Fadzil
Age: 1986
First met: Matriculation

Majlis (P): 2/6/2012
Majlis (L): 15/9/2012

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